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Nancy Farmer – The Sea of Trolls (496 pages) – June 30, 2015,   Saga Press
Nancy Farmer – The Land of the Silver Apples (496 pages) – July 28, 2015,  Saga Press
Nancy Farmer – The Islands of the Blessed (496 pages) – August 25, 2015,  Saga Press



Publicate initial la Atheneum Books in 2004-2009, acum si mass market paperback pentru prima oara sub creionul lui Richard Anderson.

The Sea of Trolls blends ancient history and Norse epics with recognizable bits of Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings” (The New York Times).

Jack is kidnapped by berserkers from his Saxon village in the year A.D. 793, an occurrence forewarned by his mentor the Bard. Captured by Viking chief Olaf One-Brow, Jack and his sister, Lucy, are swiftly taken to the court of Ivar the Boneless.

Ivar is married to a half-troll named Frith, an evil and unpredictable queen with a strange power over her husband’s court. Jack mistakenly casts a charm on her—and is banished to the kingdom of the trolls to find the magic that will undo the charm. Accompanied by Thorgill, a shield maiden who wants to be a berserker, and by the mysterious crow called Bold Heart, Jack sets out on a harrowing and exciting quest for the ages.

From National Book Award winner Nancy Farmer, this first book in the Sea of Trolls trilogy is epic fantasy at its best.


  1. Coperțile arată bestial. Ar fi genial să le facă și în variantă hardback.

  2. probabil… daca o sa faca si vinzari …

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