Jack din Sticlă şi Viziuni Periculoase

Încă două episoade din cel mai longeviv serial SF românesc – “Mihai Dan Pavelescu tace şi face” :), Jack din sticla de Adam Roberts şi Viziuni periculoase editată de Harlan Ellison, două cărţi grele la propriu şi la figurat, care nu trebuie să lipsească din nicio bibliotecă SF serioasă.

Jack din SticlaViziuni periculoase

Cred că Dangerous Visions nu mai are nevoie de nicio prezetare, fiind probabil cea mai influentă antologie din istoria SF-ului (Jen vorbeşte despre ea aici), iar Jack Glass (recenzia mea în Galileo) începe astfel:

This narrative, which I hereby doctorwatson for your benefit, o reader, concerns the greatest mystery of our time. Of course I’m talking about McAuley’s alleged ‘discovery’ of a method of travelling faster than light, and about the murders and betrayals and violence this discovery has occasioned. Because, after all – FTL! We all know it is impossible, we know every one of us that the laws of physics disallow it. But still! And again, this narrative has to do with the greatest mind I have known – the celebrated, or infamous, Jack Glass. The one, the only Jack Glass: detective, teacher, protector and murderer, an individual gifted with extraordinary interpretive powers when it comes to murder because he was so well acquainted with murder. A quantity of blood is spilled in this story, I’m sorry to say; and a good many people die; and there is some politics too. There is danger and fear. Accordingly I have told his tale in the form of a murder mystery; or to be more precise (and at all costs we must beprecise) three, connected murder mysteries.

But I intend to play fair with you, reader, right from the start, or I’m no true Watson. So let me tell everything now, at the beginning, before the story gets going.

One of these mysteries is a prison story. One is a regular whodunit. One is a locked-room mystery. I can’t promise that they’re necessarily presented to you in that order; but it should be easy for you work out which is which, and to sort them out accordingly. Unless you find that each of them is all three at once, in which case I’m not sure I can help you.

In each case the murderer is the same individual – of course, Jack Glass himself. How could it be otherwise? Has there ever been a more celebrated murderer?

That’s fair, I hope?

Your task is to read these accounts, and solve the mysteries and identify the murderer. Even though I have already told you the solution, the solution will surprise you. If the revelation in each case is anything less than a surprise, then I will have failed.

I do not like to fail.



  1. Poate nu trebuia sa dai link la recenzia mea in care scriu ca nu mi-au placut antologiile 😛 Adevarul e ca acum, dupa un an jumate, mi se pare ca am fost cam dura cu ele…

    • Cred ca ai fost, totusi, realista, Viziuni periculoase este o carte a anilor 60, interesanta din punct de vedere istoriografic, dar gustul publicului actual s-a format dupa alte criterii. Lumea vrea, acum, povesti alerte.

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