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Mi-a apărut în Galileo recenzia lui Ancillary Justice de Ann Leckie, un debut fenomenal care m-a făcut să scriu probabil cea mai entuziastă recenzie de până acum. Şi dacă nu mă credeţi pe mine, puteţi să-i ascultaţi pe: Chris Beckett, Elizabeth Bear, Ian Sales, Kameron Hurley, A Dribble of Ink, Book Smugglers, Andrew Liptak, Wertzone, Bookworm Blues, SFF World, Far Beyond Reality, IO9, SFX, Pornokitsch, Staffer’s Book Review sau


Autoarea vorbeşte despre:

I’m not fit to touch the sandal strap of The Left Hand of Darkness but there’s no question that it’s had a very direct and obvious effect on my own book. The conversation I’m in–the space opera conversation–is a conversation full of both women’s and men’s voices. Of books that are mothers and grandmothers and aunts to mine.

So, I did take my toys out of the common box. But I wanted to do something different with them, even if it was only slightly different. Usually, when I’m looking at story ideas, at pieces of setting or at characters, I ask myself, “What’s the reason this interests me enough for me to sit down and spend hours and days and weeks writing about it?”

I didn’t start off meaning to examine how the use of gendered pronouns shapes our thoughts about the people around us, really I didn’t. But then, isn’t that one of the things science fiction is for, what it excels at? Imagining strange and unfamiliar worlds, that maybe give us a new and interesting way to think about our own?

The AIs in Ancillary Justice aren’t emotionless at all. On the contrary, it’s emotions that get Breq/Justice of Toren into trouble to begin with. But investigating the physiology of human emotion gave me a better handle on why I had assumed, from the start, that Radchaai AIs would feel — and helped me see how that would work, and what that would mean for my story. The intense, automatic nature of emotions means they can be used to manipulate — but they can also be the impetus for necessary change. After all, if you’re not angry about something, why would you bother to do anything about it?


  1. Salut, abia am terminat si eu ancillary justice, am absolut adorat-o, abia astept urmatoarea carte din trilogie. voiam sa te intreb daca cumva stii daca s-a tradus si in romana, as vrea sa i-o recomand tatalui meu care citeste mult sf, dar nu prea stie engleza chiar destul cat sa citeasca comfortabil.

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