An negru în science-fiction

Oare a existat un an mai negru în istoria SF-ului? Graham Joyce bolnav de o patologie hematologică malignă, Jay Lake îşi trăieşte ultimele luni din viaţă şi ne-am despărţit definitiv de Jack Vance, Iain Banks, Richard Matheson si Fred Pohl. Ce minunat că totuşi există viaţă după moarte şi aceasta se numeşte literatură!

“I burned the candle at both ends and it often gave a lovely light…A life that partakes even a little of friendship, love, irony, humour, parenthood, literature, and music, and the chance to take part in battles for the liberation of others cannot be called ‘meaningless’ except if the person living it is also an existentialist and elects to call it so. It could be that all existence is a pointless joke, but it is not in fact possible to live one’s everyday life as if this were so…Everybody does have a book in them, but in most cases that’s where it should stay…Literature, not scripture, sustains the mind and – since there is no other metaphor – also the soul.” Christopher Hitchens despre viaţă şi moarte


  1. ce chestie… exact asta ii ziceam lui Horia pe facebook 🙂

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