Castigatorii Premiului Bram Stoker 2012

  • Superior Achievement in a NOVEL: The Drowning Girl by Caitlín R. Kiernan (Roc)

India Morgan Phelps-Imp to her friends-is schizophrenic. Struggling with her perceptions of reality, Imp must uncover the truth about her encounters with creatures out of myth-or from something far, far stranger..

Nu prea ma atrage nici rezumatul si nici scriitoarea.

  • Superior Achievement in a FIRST NOVEL: Life Rage by L.L. Soares (Nightscape Press)


Sam Wayne is a psychologist who specializes in anger management. He’s very good at his job. Almost too good. In fact, he considers himself something of a miracle worker.

A mad man is on the loose, ripping people apart with his bare hands. The police have no clues. Those who see him and survive never seem to make out his face. All except for one…

Colleen has led a wasted life, bringing home a new man to her bed every night. Until that night. Witnessing her friend torn to pieces right before her eyes, she sees the murderer’s face clearly. She manages to escape, traumatized by what she’s seen, and keeps running until she falls into the arms of Jeremy Rust. An ex Hollywood playboy, Jeremy now hides out in a secluded beach house with his mysterious roommate, Viv…

Viv has an insatiable hunger. Like Colleen, Viv never stays long with one partner. Because those who sleep with Viv never manage to live very long, once she finds the key to their soul.

The number of murders keeps growing, until an eruption of rage begins to spread like an epidemic. Everywhere, crowds of people mindlessly rip each other apart. An event that will tie all these characters together in a final showdown of supernatural forces.

But not everyone will survive the explosive fury of Life Rage!

Cam lung rezumatul. Aduce un pic cu ce scria Koontz in vremurile lui bune.

  • Superior Achievement in a YOUNG ADULT NOVEL: Flesh & Bone by Jonathan Maberry (Simon & Schuster)

O marcheaza si Maberry (a doua oara!!!) cu urmatorul sau volum din seria despre zombilitici. Despre primul am scris aici.

  • Superior Achievement in a GRAPHIC NOVEL: Witch Hunts: A Graphic History of the Burning Times by Rocky Wood and Lisa Morton (McFarland and Co., Inc.)
  • Superior Achievement in LONG FICTION: The Blue Heron by Gene O’Neill (Dark Regions Press)
  • Superior Achievement in SHORT FICTION: Magdala Amygdala? by Lucy Snyder (Dark Faith: Invocations, Apex Book Company)
  • Superior Achievement in a SCREENPLAY: The Cabin in the Woods by Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard (Mutant Enemy Productions, Lionsgate)
  • Superior Achievement in an ANTHOLOGY: Shadow Show edited by Mort Castle and Sam Weller (HarperCollins)
  • Superior Achievement in a FICTION COLLECTION (tie):
    • New Moon on the Water by Mort Castle (Dark Regions Press)
    • Black Dahlia and White Rose: Stories by Joyce Carol Oates (Ecco Press)
  • Superior Achievement in NON-FICTION: Trick or Treat: A History of Halloween by Lisa Morton (Reaktion Books)
  • Superior Achievement in a POETRY COLLECTIONL Vampires, Zombies & Wanton Souls by Marge Simon (Elektrik Milk Bath Press)

Robert R. McCammon si Clive Barker au primit Premiul Lifetime Achievement. Si Premiul The Specialty Press  a fost primit de Jerad Walters de la Centipede Press.

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