Premiul James Tiptree Jr. 2011

Premiul Tiptree pe 2011 a fost câştigat de scriitoarea Andrea Hairston pentru romanul Redwood and Wildfire.

Declaratia juriului format din Lynne Thomas, Karen Meisner, James Nicoll, Nisi Shawl şi Tansy Rayner Roberts:

The James Tiptree Jr. Award is presented annually to a work of science fiction or fantasy that explores and expands gender roles. The award seeks out work that is thought-provoking, imaginative, and perhaps even infuriating. It is intended to reward those writers who are bold enough to contemplate shifts and changes in gender roles, a fundamental aspect of any society.

Redwood and Wildfire was a favorite of the jurors from the moment they read it. This vivid and emotionally satisfying novel encompasses the life of Redwood, a hoodoo woman, as she migrates from rural Georgia to Chicago at the turn of the 20th century. While Redwood’s romance with Aidan Wildfire is central to the novel, female friendship is also a major theme, without deferring to the romance. Hairston incorporates romantic love into a constellation, rather than portraying it as a solo shining star. Her characters invoke a sky where it can shine; they live and love without losing themselves in cultural expectations, prejudices and stereotypes, all within a lovingly sketched historical frame.

Intersections of race, class, and gender encompass these characters’ entire lives. They struggle with external and internal forces around questions of gender roles, love, identity, and sexuality. This challenge drives how they move through the world and how it sees them. The characters in Redwood and Wildfire deftly negotiate freedom and integrity in a society where it’s difficult to hold true to these things.

Întotdeauna profit de premiul Tiptree pentru a-mi regla compasul inundat de testosteronul care se revarsă din literatura speculativă. Din păcate dintre cărţile nominalizate nu am citit decât 2, întunecata şi violenta God’s War, un roman plin de întrebări de rolul femeii şi al bărbatului în societate şi excelenta After the Apocalype, o povestire care se întreabă de ce este nevoie pentru a distruge legăturile dintre o mamă şi copilul ei; anul acesta am de gând să mai recuperez din ele (sunt mulţumit totuşi că dintre cele 14 cărţi citite de mine în 2012, jumătate au fost scrise de femei).

Celelalte nominalizări au fost:

  • Libba Bray, Beauty Queens (Scholastic Press 2011)
  • L. Timmel Duchamp, “The Nones of Quintilus” (din colecţia Never at Home, Aqueduct Press 2011)
  • Kameron Hurley, God’s War (Night Shade Books 2011)
  • Gwyneth Jones, The Universe of Things (Aqueduct Press 2011)
  • Alice Sola Kim, “The Other Graces” (Asimov’s Science Fiction, July 2010)
  • Sandra McDonald, “Seven Sexy Cowboy Robots” (Strange Horizons, 2010.10.04)
  • Maureen F. McHugh, “After the Apocalypse” (din colecţia After the Apocalypse, Small Beer Press 2011)
  • Delia Sherman, The Freedom Maze (Big Mouth House 2011)
  • Kim Westwood, The Courier’s New Bicycle (Harper Voyager Australia 2011)


  1. Mmm, doar 14 carti citite in 2012? Dupa numaru’ recenziilor scrise aveam impresia ca ai citit mai multe.

  2. In mod normal citesc cam 2 carti pe saptamana, dar anul asta a inceput mai lent putin. Oricum in 2012 mi-au aparut, cred, 8 recenzii in Galileo si 3 in Cititor.

  3. Hmm, se pare ca premiul asta este dominat de editurile mititele – si e foarte bine asa pentru ca in 2011 editurile mititele au publicat citeva bijuterii de carti care nu cred ca aveau vreo sansa cu rechinii mari (din ratiuni de rentabilitate).

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