Sean Wallace (ed.) – The Mammoth Book of Steampunk

Sean A. Wallace, taticul Prime Books (cu autori sau editori in portofoliu ca, John Joseph Adams, KJ Bishop,  Theodora Goss,  Nick Mamatas, Sarah Monette, Tim Pratt, Ekaterina Sedia, Catherynne M. Valente, Jeff VanderMeer) si primul editor care a publicat City of Saints and Madmen, lucreaza la o antologie tematica intitulata, The Mammoth Book of Steampunk . Ce e cu original cred ca au fost scrise special pt antologie.

“Steampunk: Looking to the Future through the Lens of the Past” by Ekaterina Sedia (introduction)
“Fixing Hanover” by Jeff VanderMeer
“The Steam Dancer (1896)” by Caitlin R. Kiernan
“Icebreaker” by Elise Tobler (original)
“Tom Edison and His Amazing Telegraphic Harpoon” by Jay Lake
“The Zeppelin Conductors’ Society Annual Gentlemen’s Ball” by Genevieve Valentine
“Clockwork Fairies” by Cat Rambo
“The Mechanical Aviary of Emperor Jala-ud-din Muhammed Akbar” by Shweta Narayan
“Prayers of Forges and Furnaces” by Aliette de Bodard (original)
“The Effluent Engine” by N.K. Jemisin
“The Clockwork Goat and the Smokestack Magi” by Peter M Ball
“The Armature of Flight” by Sharon Mock
“The Anachronist’s Cookbook” by Catherynne M. Valente
“Numismatics in the Reigns of Naranh and Viu” by Alex Dally MacFarlane (original)
“Zeppelin City” by Michael Swanwick & Eileen Gunn
“The People’s Machine” by Tobias Buckell
“The Hands That Feed” by Matthew Kressel
“Machine Maid” by Margo Lanagan
“To Follow the Waves” by Amal El-Mohtar
“Clockmaker’s Requiem” by Barth Anderson
“Dr. Lash Remembers” by Jeffrey Ford
“Lady Witherspoon’s Solution” by James Morrow
“Reluctance” by Cherie Priest
“A Serpent in the Gears” by Margaret Ronald
“The Celebrated Carousel of the Margravine of Blois” by Megan Arkenberg
“Biographical Notes To ‘A Discourse On The Nature Of Causality’ by Benjamin Rosenbaum” by Benjamin Rosenbaum
“Clockwork Chickadee” by Mary Robinette Kowal
“Cinderella Suicide” by Samantha Henderson
“Arbeitskraft” by Nick Mamatas (original)
“To Seek Her Fortune” by Nicole Kornher-Stace
“The Ballad of the Last Human” by Lavie Tidhar (original)


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