Animatia de weekend (intarziata): The Lady and the Reaper

Regizor : Javier Recio Garcia -2009-

Nominalizat si la Best Animated Short Film in cadrul Galelor Premiilor Oscar.

Am mai discutat de el pe aici si care nu l-ati vazut pina acum nu ratati ocazia 😉 Si o scurta descriere :

A sweet old lady is living alone in her farm, waiting for the arrival of death to meet her beloved husband again. One night, while sleeping, her life fades out and she is invited to cross death’s door. Bue when she is about to do so, the old lady wakes up inside a hospital’s ward. An arrogant doctor has brought her back to life and will fight hard against death to recover the old lady’s life at any cost.


  1. E criminal de comică! Am văzut-o de cinci ori şi încă mai râd isteric la faza aia cu cafteala din sertarele de la morgă!

  2. nu, nu, nu?! 😀 tuturor le-a placut animatia din ce am vazut eu 😉

  3. Mi-a placut mai mult decat animatia care a primit Oscarul. 🙂

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