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Peter Watts este un tip super haios si un pic sonat, ca mai toti canadienii sau oamenii care vin prea des in contact cu ei. Cred ca e ceva contagios… Nu numai ca e canadian, insa are si o gura mare care nu si-o prea poate tine inchisa, asa ca a avut destule meciuri  cu TOR, multe dintre ele pigmentate cu metafore ce evoca foarte plastic anumite parti anatomice, de exemplu: “Behemoth, the concluding volume of what had inadvertently become the “Rifters Trilogy”, was released by Tor Books in two volumes for industrial-policy reasons that Watts understands even though he still thinks they suck the one-eyed purple trouser eel.” 😀 Ultimul meci e legat de alegerea copertii pentru romanul “Blindsight”, volum nominalizat la Hugo, John W. Campbell, Sunburst, Locus, Aurora, si care este acum la, atentie, a patra editie hardcover! Nu mai e nevoie sa va spun ca a fost tradus in cateva limbi, inclusiv rusa, dar nu in romana 🙁 .

Si pentru a mancat multe nebunele cand era mic (si intru vesnica iubire cu TOR), omu’ a dat toate romanele sale la liber, in format electronic. Link-uri mai jos.

Trilogia Rifters:

Starfish, oferit si de TOR pina in 27 Iulie



si Blindsight.

Peter Watts rocks!


  1. His first novel Starfish (2000) introduced Lenie Clarke, a deep-ocean power-station worker physically altered for underwater living ….

    ” Welcome to Beebe Station.

    You’re three kilometers below the surface of the Pacific Ocean. You’re perched on the shoulder of an active volcano. The local fauna is very large and very nasty. If it doesn’t kill you, a mudslide or an erupting smoker probably will.
    Your fellow employees are rapists, pedophiles, borderline psychotics, and victims of same.

    You feel very lucky to be here.

    This is a damn sight better than the life you left behind” 😀

    His latest book Blindsight, released October 2006, has been described by Charles Stross thus: “Imagine a neurobiology-obsessed version of Greg Egan writing a first contact with aliens story from the point of view of a zombie posthuman crewman aboard a starship captained by a vampire, with not dying as the boobie prize”. 😀

    si din ce am mai citit despre carti, pare interesant…

  2. Poate il ia vreo editura de la noi daca este gratis.
    In romana baieti ,in romana ca sa inteleaga tat poporul.

  3. 😀 Nu merge asa, e gratis pentru comsumatorul final, adica cititori (care nu au voie sa modifice nimic). Daca vre-o editura vrea sa scoata ceva, tot trebuie sa plateasca drepturile pentru ca folosesc respectiva scriitura in scopuri comerciale (fie sa distribuie cartile gratis, chestie mai putin probabila decat o invazie extraterestra pina la sfarsitul saptamanii curente) 😉

  4. aaa, cool, nu stiam c-a scos si behemoth-ul la liber. thanks, mate!

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  6. Interesant, s-a prins ca .pdf si .html sunt depasite si a pus la dispozitie si versiuni pentru MobiPocket. N-am auzit de Watts pana acum dar macar pentru atat ii downloadez cartile.

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