Gânduri de miercuri

AMC va realiza un serial de televiziune după The Terror al lui Dan Simmons (apărut la noi ca şi HMS Terror la editura Nemira). Serialul va fi sub forma unei antologii, deci doar primul sezon va fi bazat pe The Terror, iar următoarele vor fi adaptate după alte cărţi horror sau vor avea conţinut original.


Bryan Fuller a găsit în Ian McShane, actorul perfect pentru a juca rolul lui Mr. Wednesday, în adaptarea pentru televiziune a romanului lui Neil Gaiman – American Gods.



Cel mai bun joc video Star Wars – Knights of the Old Republic, va fi îmbunătăţit din punct de vedere grafic, dar şi al conţinutului, de către un grup de fani. Grafica chiar arată absolut superb.


Superba ediţie Folio a romanului 2001: O odisee spaţială de Arthur C. Clarke. Nu cred că o carte poate arăta mai bine decât atât.





Cea mai bună veste din ultima lună: Christopher Priest va publica în septembrie un nou roman în universul Dream Archipelago – The Gradual:

9781473200548-The-GradualIn this latest novel from one of the UK’s greatest writers we return to the Dream Archipelago, a string of islands that no one can map or explain. Alesandro Sussken is a composer, and we see his life as he grows up in a fascist state constantly at war with another equally faceless opponent. His brother is sent off to fight; his family is destroyed by grief. Occasionally Alesandro catches glimpses of islands in the far distance from the shore, and they feed into his music – music for which he is feted. But all knowledge of the other islands is forbidden by the junta, until he is unexpectedly sent on a cultural tour. And what he discovers on his journey will change his perceptions of his country, his music and the ways of the islands themselves.


The Best of Ian McDonald:

The_Best_of_Ian_McDonaldIan McDonald, the author of such landmark novels as Desolation Road, Chaga, River of Gods, and The Dervish House, has long been regarded as one of Britain’s finest SF writers. Just like those full-length works, his shorter fiction has commanded much admiration, and now, in this massive retrospective volume, the best McDonald tales are assembled in glittering array.

Represented here are all the phases of McDonald’s career: the poetic early retro-visions that in the late Eighties signalled the arrival of a marvellously fluent new stylistic voice; the virtuoso Nineties riffs on themes such as the Irish Troubles, nanotechnology, alternate history, and alien sexuality; the bold post-millennial ventures into the futuristic politics of Third World countries such as Kenya, India, and Brazil, as well as far afield to alien solar systems; and recent, dazzlingly conceived variations on the Arab Spring, the nature of superheroes, and Mars as pulp SF writers once fondly imagined it to be. The treasures are abundant, each presented in McDonald’s addictive, immersive prose—language at once elegantly timeless and edgily contemporary.


O clasificare a cărţilor aparţinând seriei Malazan Book of the Fallen.

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